Why Pet-Friendly Hotels are Winning Over New Customers

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Why Pet-Friendly Hotels are Winning Over New Customers

The hotel industry is experiencing a boom in pet-friendly hotels. It’s a feature that hotel chains and small hotels alike are offering to travelers. If you’re a hotelier, you may consider making your property pet-friendly to attract new customers. Why? These unique hotels are quickly winning over new customers. Here’s how.
Why should hoteliers care about pet hospitality?
People spend billions on their pets each year, as 2016 saw the pet industry hit $66 billion in 2016, and as travelers look for accommodations, they’re increasingly seeking out pet-friendly hotels. Simply offering pet-friendly stays can convince a traveler to book a room at a property, but many hotels are going the extra mile to make sure their furriest travelers are comfortable. Pet-friendly amenities offered at hotels include food dishes, water bowls, outdoor play areas, and dog runs.

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